Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Panzanella (As the Heat Wave Continues)

The heat has returned, though there is a promise of a respite beginning tomorrow. I couldn't be happier. Warm, sunny days in the summer are great, but anything above 88 degrees is absolutely awful.

Of course there are still tomatoes piling up, and with no ac at the Penthouse, cooking is at the bottom of my list. Panzanella, however, is right at the top. I mean bread, tomatoes, and an onion - what could be better? It could have been even better had I just cut the bread up and let it lay out to dry. Then I wouldn't even have had to turn on the oven!

As usual I used Sarah's recipe from Everyday Food. I love her videos and urge you to subscribe to their YouTube channel.

Easy ingredients. All I needed to buy was the onion.

This right here is delicious. I mean, how summery is this?

Since I used a sourdough boule, I used the entire loaf.

So, so good. Perfect lunch or dinner when the temperature skyrockets. Or perfect for lunch AND dinner.
Add the ricotta and eat immediately. Now for the cool down...maybe I can start baking again!