Monday, September 23, 2013

Lavender Harvest (I Cheated a Little)

I'm not one to gather lavender and dry it for later use. The lavender is usually at it's peak bloom time when I have way more to do in the garden than think about cutting, bundling, and drying. Besides, who has the room? 

The other day, however, I decided to trim back all of the faded flowers in the border that edges the Berry Patch and realized they had basically just dried on the stem. I pulled a few off and rolled them in my fingers, smelling the unmistakably fragrant scent. I decided, therefore, to pull all of the flowers and have dried lavender for sachets with almost no work!

Now, I do realize that if I had cut the lavender at the proper time I would have had a second bloom. Oh well.
My hands smelled rather amazing after pulling off all of the flowers. Had I dried the flowers traditionally, they would have kept a bit more of their lavender color.

All trimmed back. Next I began weeding and pulling chives at the far end of the row to make room for some other plants that need relocated.
I just couldn't bring myself to weed everything, however. I think this is a False Aster, and there is an abundance in the Berry Patch. They were thick with bees, so I let them stay for now.

Making a bit of headway. The gooseberries are reaching over to this area that was, I'll admit, pretty disgusting. The chives are so mixed with grass right here that I am just digging and composting both. They were planted here as an afterthought, and I still have plenty on the outside edge of the Vegetable Garden.
A mix of the lavender that needs relocated from the vegetable beds, as well as thyme plants that need, perhaps, a new home. I might just plant them right in the path to free up space for more veggies.

I did go ahead and spread the almost completely dry flowers out on a sheet tray to finish drying. Walking by and running your hand through the flowers is pretty darn wonderful. Once dry, it will all do into mesh bags and hung in the closets, put in drawers, and placed in the linen closet.