Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Bring On the Baby!

Two weekends ago I had the honor of co-hosting (with the dee-vine Cara Lee Wade) a baby shower for my one and only blind date ever, Colleen. Clearly (as this baby will be Baby Swisher rather than Baby Savant) our blind date led to undying friendship rather than, well, you know...

Sometimes things come together so easily that one wonders why one stresses over the details. Cara and I are lucky to know a really great person named Dan who let us take over part of his gallery (follow this link to see a bit of Cara's work, which is no longer up, then go to the Facebook link to see what's currently happening at Wunderkammer) for a few hours on a Saturday afternoon. I was at the opening for the current show and fell in love with Elly Tullis' work. You really need to make a point to stop in before this Sunday (October 20th) to check out "Elly Tullis:Birdlover", or stop in ON Sunday and see the show and shop Wunderkammer's second w

Happily we decided this gallery would be the perfect place for Colleen's shower. And it most certainly was.

The only guidelines we had were no games involving baby food in a diaper or guessing how big mama's belly is. Fine by us! We went for a much more "baby chic", streamlined look. Like a cocktail party for a baby! There's Cara snapping away in the background. A little discovery we made after guests arrived is that the painting of the house in the center of the photo is actually the childhood home of Baby Swisher's Grandma B! That, to me, was a sure sign that THIS was the place for the shower.

Love! Get there this week to actually see these pieces! They are remarkable and these pictures don't show them half as lovely as they actually are!

My favorite. I think. There are also prints available of several of the smaller paintings.

The cosmos bloomed just in time to mingle with the changing hydrangeas. Why was I so worried about the old Limelight hydrangea going brown early? I had more than enough flowers in the Hydrangea Border, and also mixed in some chocolate mint, sedum, ferns, and sage for some texture. They looked great against the linens from All Occasion.


And more food. And more importantly, cheese!

I did fudge one thing. We had planned on using fabric markers to decorate bibs. Well, I bought terry cloth bibs before realizing what a royal pain it would be to try to do anything nicely on terry cloth. So onesies were purchased and ended up even cuter! Whew!
Hard at work on a one of a kind gift!

Honestly, they turned out awesome.

Baby Swish will definitely be decked out, if only Baby Swish would arrive already!!!