Thursday, October 17, 2013

Moving the Monster!

A low of 39 degrees tonight really means that the time for anything tropical to be outside is over. On Tuesday I finally dug the Monster (what I lovingly call the Upright Elephant Ear plant), potted him up, and brought him home. Tonight I need to actually make room for him somewhere in the Penthouse. 

Tonight the agaves and colocasias will make their way indoors, and next will be the figs. I'm afraid I've probably waited to long to keep the fig trees from losing leaves and going dormant, but for two years it has worked fine this way so hopefully the third year will be a charm.

He really grew large. I cut back a lot of the coleus to root over the winter. If nothing else they make a nice, long lasting flower/foliage arrangement.

Before I dug the Monster, however, I did a little winter trimming on the cut leaf philodendron.

As well as the potted palm, which I believe will end up at the Penthouse.

I was rather surprised at how little the tuber had sized up! The roots had grown long, but the tuber was still small.

The neck was bigger than the tuber! I guess maybe the tuber grows if you let the leaves die back?

About five new pups are forming.

Digging him was a bit difficult, but he's all potted up for the winter in a big #5 plastic pot. Next year the entire pot will be planted, making re potting unnecessary.