Monday, October 21, 2013

So Long, Summer

The day has come. Tonight the first freeze is forecast and the growing season has come to an end. We still have bulbs to plant, as well as beds to weed and annuals to pull, but for the most part the growing season has come to an end. 

Bittersweet? Of course. 

However, I am eager to focus a bit more on home. With the majority of the tropical plants staying at my parents' I will have a real dining room this Winter, and would love to do a bit more entertaining. I also have a major reorganization planned of the entire apartment. There are too many things stashed in too many places and I need to sell or donate, and many collections that need to be edited.

As the birds fly South, I feel the need to nest.

I spent yesterday pulling all of the tomato vines and taking down their supports. Already taking stock of the Garden and planning where things will be planted in the spring. I also want to get it cleaned up before the ground freezes for a Fall tilling to work in the summer's compost and then cover with shredded leaves and grass clippings.

Maybe the gardening season isn't at an end.
Every single tomato, no matter the size or ripeness, was snatched from the vines. The green ones are already in a brown paper bag forcing them to ripen. I'll start to check in a few days, and then every day, to see how they are doing.