Tuesday, November 12, 2013

A Game of Hide and Seek Right Outside My Window

Early last week, before the leaves had all been blown from the trees, there was quite a ruckus outside the living room windows. I went to see the cause, and ended up testing out my zoom lens quite a bit.
Before all the wind and rain knocked the foliage from the trees, West Berry Street looked rather dazzling.

I thought there must be Chickadees in the big old pine tree. These tiny birds were flitting around so fast.

Then I realized they didn't have the markings of a Chickadee at all. There were about 10 flying and jumping around the tree, so I wasn't about to walk away to look them up.

It turns out they are Golden-Crowned Kinglets. And are only 3-4 inches long. A group of them are referred to as a Court, a Castle, or a Dynasty. 

I took way too many pictures that require actual hunting to spy the bird.

Here's a good shot at how they get their name. They seemed like such social, happy little birds.

Just hanging out at the top of a pine tree, surveying the scene.

Strange fact, the Golden-Crowned Kinglet's nostrils are each covered by a single, tiny feather. 

Soon the others had all moved on and this was the last Kinglet hanging out. I'll keep my eyes open for another visit, however, since this is their Winter habitat. I hope they come back!