Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Daycation, All I Ever Wanted

Monday night I headed South to Indianapolis for a visit with my friends Erin and Phil. They were wonderful hosts and they fed and entertained my friend Abby and I all night and the next day. Thank you so much to the Bristows for making my Daycation to Indy such a blast! There are so many things I should have bought, I need to go back!

We arrived to a beautiful, home cooked Indian dinner.

Followed by a taste of one of their local breweries. Then it was time for euchre, beer, wine, Taboo, more beer, etc.

Bright and somewhat early the next morning we headed out for some sightseeing and shopping. It was fun to see how things have changed since my last real visit, which was before all the Super Bowl anticipation brought quite a bit of money downtown. Our first stop of the day, however, was the Midland Arts and Antiques Market.

Where do I begin? This is just a small section of two enormous floors chock full of awesome finds. There were four little lustreware pitchers, all very cheap due to chips at the rim, but would have been perfect little vases. The furniture is all wonderful. There are two chairs like this at the theatre that I have always had my eye on. They are beat up, but could be nicely refinished.

I found a ton of yellowware bowls, I just don't know if I've decided to commit to collecting them. I have a few at home, but haven't added to them in years.

This jardiniere was only $45. I should have bought it. It's not the more intricate, Roseville pottery jardinieres that can cost anywhere from a couple hundred to thousands of dollars, but it was in excellent condition.

I DID buy an old Martha Stewart collection glass acorn for $3, though!

I spotted these Haeger candle holders and immediately called out to Abby. I bought some of these from her at a VERY reasonable price, and they were marked $24.50 here and one of them was chipped. She's going to post them on eBay.

I set down the candle holders and scanned the room. Low and behold, beneath the church pew, I spied something I'm always on the look-out for. Faux Bois.

This is a big regret. It wasn't anything that old or fancy, just a plain old, concrete, faux bois trough planter. It was only $25 and I passed it by. AAAARRRRGH! I just knew it would be a pain to get home. It weighed a ton, and would have taken two people to carry it up to the Penthouse. I really could kick myself for not coming up with some way to bring it home. If it's there when I go back, then it was meant to be.

Vintage and antique holiday decorations were out in full force.

From there we headed over to Fountain Square. The Fountain Square theatre played host to the wedding reception of my hilarious and dear friends Rachel and Jared many moons ago.

Rollerbladers are the low man on the totem pole. As they should be.

Leaving lunch and taking a look downtown. We also stopped by the Indianapolis Downtown Antique Mall. I almost spent too much on jadeite, but stopped at a nice piece of pottery and some vintage Christmas ornaments. Erin, however, made some big scores, like a complete Fire King lustreware eggnog bowl and 12 cups, as well as some new lustreware plates and a cream and sugar set. All 50% off! Here's a little video of the place. They do a good job of keeping out the "junky stuff".

This pretty much sums it up. What a great day of sightseeing and shopping. Thank you, Erin and Phil, for a wonderful Daycation!