Wednesday, December 4, 2013

I Must Be Doing Something Right!

I had sort of been fearing the worst. My Medinilla Magnifica was looking a bit weary. I had lost one to that  extremely hot week in summer (and due to my negligence), and was worried about the second. These plants were large and blooming when I bought them, and they carried a premium price tag. In fact, I don't believe I've even spent as much on one plant as I did these, so you can imagine how irked I was with myself.
The thing is is that they sort of thrive on neglect. This guy (The Survivor) has been in the same place since I bought him. When I think about it I'll soak him, pot and all, in a sink full of water. When I don't think about it, well, I don't. I do, however, look at him every day to see if the dead patch of leaf is growing, or if he looks to be wilting. So far he has been a good, stable houseplant.

Native to the Philippines, Medinillas, when blooming, have stunning cascades of pink flower bracts. I've since discovered that Logee's sells smaller plants for around $15. I will probably invest in a few more in the Spring.

I love their large, slightly sculptural leaves. This one, however, has had this blight for quite a while. It hasn't grown at all, however, so I'm simply keeping an eye on it.

And what do we have here? New growth!

And even more new growth! I'm not sure if they will be blooms or a new stalk of leaves. I really know so little about this plant! I am simply relieved to see it growing. I must be doing something right!