Thursday, February 6, 2014

More Winter Gardening to Fight the Cold

Sometimes it is rather amazing what can happen when you move everything out of a room to clean the floors. You get to see the space in a different light, change the furniture arrangement a bit, and discover a bag of amaryllis wasting away under a chair. 
I had brought them back from their cabinet in the garage where they always spend a few months going dormant and forgot all about them. Oops.
Sometimes, for a gardener, just getting your hands in dirt can help you feel like it's not quite as cold outside as it actually is. A few minutes of re potting can lead to daydreaming about the Spring and what changes you want to make to the beds, where you want to plant the tomatoes this year, and what all of the new tulips will look like once they are blooming. Then the news comes on and you hear about the windchill warning. Oh well. You can always dream.

There were five bulbs, but two of the smaller ones were soft and rotted. These three seemed solid, so I removed them from their pots, shook off the old soil, and cleaned them up a bit.

All snug again and watered. Now all I can do is wait.

This poor, poor, neglected Easter Lily has somehow persevered. It died back over the summer and then sent up this shoot as Fall was turning to Late Fall. I brought it home and have been treating it horribly ever since.

However, it is doing well enough to start making some babies.

The main bulb that the large stalk is coming out of. Lily bulbs never go dormant, and when you buy them in the Spring or Fall it is important to plant them as soon as possible so that they don't dry out. It is also important to keep them out of the sun while planting. It's amazing something that seems so delicate can really be so hardy.

Easter Lilies (Lilium longiflorum) should be hardy in our Zone 6a (formerly 5b) garden, so I just want to keep this guy happy until Spring. I'm sure I will buy some more this year, and if they make it they would be a rather lovely addition to the White Garden.

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