Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Snow Day Chicken and Noodles

Ah, Winter. I love you, but the snow is beginning to be a bit much. Another storm overnight, and perhaps one headed our way on Sunday, and it's only February 5! I mean, I love watching it fall from the windows of the Penthouse, but I do not love shoveling my car out of a two foot drift.

This afternoon, to fuel the shoveling, I decided to make some chicken and noodles. It hit the spot.

I do love my view.
Noodles. What could be easier? Two eggs for every one cup of flour and a pinch of salt.

It is pretty sticky, so I mix it up in a bowl before flouring my hands and kneading it smooth. You can also just make a well in the flour and mix the eggs in right on your work surface, as long as you have a very level work surface.

Roll it out pretty thin. The noodles will expand during cooking. Unless you like a thick noodle.

Not perfect. Not even. Not caring. This makes enough noodles for two, so I guess one egg per serving is a good rule of thumb. After they are cut I let them dry for maybe 15 minutes. An offset or flat spatula makes lifting them off the board a bit easier. 

They cook in boiling salted water for about 2-3 minutes. I throw the pre-cooked (or leftover) chicken in after a minute to heat it up. Drain them and toss in a little butter and a little pepper.

Of course you have to have them with mashed potatoes. A perfect meal for a snow day.

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