Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Spring Fever

I really can't take it anymore. I need to get in the dirt! The warmer weather and the sight of all the bulbs pushing out of the ground, not to mention the longest Winter ever, has given me one of the worse cases of Spring fever in years. There is so much to do, but the weather is still so iffy! I can't work on the fences because the ground is mush. I can't paint the pergola or arbor or fence posts because it is raining.

So I decided to start some things indoors.

It is early, but I don't care. My upright elephant ear does well all Winter, so starting a few now shouldn't hurt. As for the freesia and begonias, I just needed to plant something! The freesia would be planted to bring inside when blooming anyway, and the begonias will be fine. I've restrained myself enough to not start any dahlias until at least the first of April. As the weather continues to be iffy I'm freaking out a little about the sweet peas and peas. We always plant them on, or within a week of, Saint Patrick's Day. There is no way that will be happening this year.

The big old common elephant ear bulbs are on the left. The one is massive! The sort of long one on the right is the upright elephant ear like the one I smuggled home from Charleston.

I grabbed the begonias, and the low, wide pots they like to grow in, just the other day. The freesia I picked up last week from two different places.

I was happy to see some starts (the little pink spots) on this tuber.

No signs on this guy, but I'll hope for the best. The tuber was still nice and firm. Make sure you check for either shoots (once it gets closer to planting time) or nice, firm bulbs. If you are buying lilies they should be pinkish and fleshy, never dried, because lily bulbs never truly go dormant.

The freesias I just packed into pots. It will be a better show that way when they bloom.

Alright. I feel better. Spring Fever delayed again for at least a week and a half.

These guys were on sale, and are a sort of purple raspberry. They also look really healthy. I've only ever seen this variety sitting bare root and leafless on the shelf nest to red and golden raspberries leafing out. I'm hoping for the best. I should be able to plant these without having to pot up ahead of time.

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