Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Hoping For The Best

Last night while finishing up at a lovely birthday dinner, we were all met with an unlovely sight. Snow. Blowing, heavy, wet snow. It had been forecast. We knew it was coming. It was still hard to handle.

This morning I was pretty anxious to get to the garden to see what damage might have been done. Several years ago we had a very late freeze and several hydrangeas were irreparably damaged, among other plants that had thought it was safe to leaf out. In the garden right now teeny delphiniums, columbines, lady's mantle, poppies, and peonies are all pushing up, but I think they will be OK. What I'm most concerned about are all of the daffodils that were already blooming turning to mush after freezing and thawing. Everything I picked today in an attempt to salvage some beauty have all fared well, so I am hoping for the best.
On Sunday everything looked glorious.

Today everything looked awful. I wish I would have just picked all of those white and yellow daffodils before the snow and the worry. The problem is the water in the stems freezing and thawing. The flowers sometimes can't handle that, and the stem will just turn limp and won't support the flower head which will quickly rot. Ugh! Even with all the other daffodils that I am quite certain will be fine, I will hate the loss of so many blooms.

I was so excited about all the buds on the little primulas. I've never had much success with primroses, and their surviving this winter had me excited. Once again, hope for the best!

This clump of mini tete-a-tete daffodils seemed perfectly fine, the snow around them having already melted.

Another primrose trampled.

One of the earliest of tulips weighed down with wet snow.

A clump of one of several varieties of pink cupped daffodils that line the path through the Shade Garden.

Please make it, hyacinths!

Pretty, pretty please!

One last look at the worst of the daffodils.

I picked the purple and pink hyacinths in the Berry Patch today, and they seem fine. I know bulbs are tough little mothers, but tonight it will be even colder, with temperatures ranging from 27-30 for about 10 hours before we are once again above freezing. I'm sure everything will be fine, it just makes me nervous. I really can't wait to stroll through again tomorrow.

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