Thursday, April 24, 2014

Making Peeps With My Peeps!

I was hoping to post this before Easter, but time got away from me. With the glorious weather we've been having I've been doing much more weeding and digging than I have blogging. It was such a fun night with two of my best gals, however, I wanted to make sure I posted it. 

Last Thursday I headed over to my friend Opal's apartment for a confectionery adventure of sorts with she and her sister Ruby. Several weeks before we decided we would make homemade "Peeps" for Easter. I had run across a recipe that looked easy enough, and we were eager to go to town making marshmallow bunnies and chicks. 

The results? Well, they tasted better than they looked. 

It was Thirsty Thursday at the Tincaps game, so we took part in our own way.

Opal is quite the entertainer. She always has some elegant snack prepared for us!

OK. On to the marshmallows. We had the envelope of gelatin softening in the bowl of the Kitchenaid.

While the gelatin was softening we started cooking the sugar and water to softball stage on the candy thermometer.

The sugar cooks down pretty fast. We did have a candy thermometer, it just didn't make it into any photos.

After adding the sugar to the gelatin mix and stirring it by hand for a bit to cool it down, we turned to the trusty old stand mixer to do the real grunt work.

In no time at all we had soft peaks and we were ready to pipe! Also at this point we considered just dumping in rice krispies. They really would have been perfect.

So, um, yeah. About those bunnies...

Ruby was pretty successful making a bunny. Opal made some really nice nests and a cross.

This was my best attempt. They tasted wonderful. Like the freshest marshmallow ever. I found the videos explaining how to do it afterward. These would have been helpful, especially the ingenious way of piping into the bowl of sugar!

Miss Kaci was less than impressed.

Hopefully my bringing them Easter baskets made up for my poor execution and explaining of piping peeps. I really should have listened closer to Martha. We do, however, have other plans for this recipe. Stay tuned...

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