Thursday, May 8, 2014

The Fleeting Weeks of Daffodil Season-A First Attempt at Documenting Them All

The past few weeks the Garden has been at the height of Daffodil Season. Each Fall we add a few more varieties, and each Spring we are rewarded with the blooms. We have several early bloomers, like 'Ice Follies' (white with a pale yellow cup) that have been in their clumps for quite some time and need to be divided, as well as others that are making their second or third appearance, spreading out a bit more every year.

Daffodils really are a wonderful flower that give maximum returns on very little care or investment. Plus no critters enjoy eating them, so they are quite safe to plant anywhere. I dream of a day when I can have great swathes of them planted in a meadow or woodland, but until the day when my dreams become a reality, I am perfectly happy with my many, and always increasing, varieties in the garden. Aside from the increasingly diverse bulbs available in the Fall at nursery centers and big box stores, Brent and Becky's Bulbs is an excellent source.

I thought I took a picture of almost every type we grow, but as I look at these few pictures I realized I missed many, like 'Ice Follies', 'Tete-a-Tete', 'Jetfire', and many of the split corona and pink-cupped varieties. There are 13 Divisions of daffodils, and the American Daffodil Society has a nice breakdown of these divisions on their website.

I'll try again next year-and use my camera rather than iPhone.

It's always wonderful to bring home buckets of blooms!

'Barrett Browning' At least I think this is 'Barrett Browning'. He's a wee bit faded in this picture. My mom planted these somewhere between 1979-1981 and they have since been divided so many times that they are the main Spring attraction in the front beds every year. Once the flowers come up small or there are very few in a large clump it's time to divide them again.
Not sure who this is, but he's a classic yellow daffodil.

'Mount Hood' The trumpet opens yellow and fades to white.

'Red Gem', picked a little late in the season.

'Tahiti' So mad he's blurry! 

'Solar Wind' Another Division 4 Double Daffodil

'Hardy Lee'

'Pink Radiance'

'Pink Charm'
'Pink Charm' often has two flowers per stem.

A fading 'Red Devon'.

'Kiss Me'

'Salome' a very pretty salmon to peach colored cup.

Another 'Hardy Lee'
'Pacific Coast' is teeny!

'Thalia' pure white and always is supposed to be moved to the white garden. This year, I swear it will happen!

'Golden Ducat' We have several clumps of these guys around the garden, but they bloom so late that the buds in the full sun beds often sort of dry up. They will all be marked, and after the foliage fades dug up and relocated to shadier locales.
'Yellow Cheerfulness' is an heirloom variety and a sport of 'Cheerfulness'

One of the few Division 11 Split Coronas that I have a pic of, and he is fading fast.  Not sure of his name.
'New Baby'

So little I didn't even pick him!

Another Division 11 Split Corona type, this is 'Tripartite'

'Geranium' is so fragrant! These were planted years ago between the peonies in the vegetable garden original to the house. That garden has gone from vegetable, to cutting (which is when I think I planted these) to it's current and final incarnation as the Berry Patch.

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