Monday, July 7, 2014

Meatless Monday: Broccoli and Chickpea Salad

So there were no chickpeas in the pantry. I know! Crazy, right? Who doesn't have chickpeas? I bought everything to make this salad after seeing this video. Everything except a can of chickpeas because I just knew there were two cans in the pantry. Wrong. So much for buying backups!

Well, my lack of chickpeas was soon remedied and this delicious, fresh, bright salad was (finally) made. It made a great dinner. I almost wish I had made double because I could have certainly eaten it for days. The toasted pine nuts were left out as they are the one thing I am allergic to. At least I think I am. I mean, if I eat pesto made with pine nuts my throat starts to tickle and my eyes swell shut. It's not a cute look, so I avoid them.

Simple dressing made in the bottom of the bowl.

Everything else tossed on top. The parsley was fresh out of the garden. Had I seen the video a few weeks earlier the broccoli could have been, too!

Tossed, served, delicious. Seriously, it was so good I ate almost all of it in one day.
(But don't tell anyone.)

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