Monday, December 19, 2016

Christmas at the Penthouse 2014

This year the holidays seem to have been busier than ever, and it wasn't until just the other day that I had a moment to snap some pictures of the decorations around my home. I try to change a few things every year as additional decorations are acquired, but this year a lot of things ended up pretty much the same as work was busy right up to the end, there was no snow, and I really just wasn't in the Christmas spirit. Once, I was, however, I went all out.

Take a look at Christmas 2014 at the Penthouse!

Every year I think about getting a real tree, and every year I can't stand the thought of not using my tinsel tree.
I added some new ornaments. More blues and greens.

Which meant I needed to add some blue and green ornaments to the clusters that hang on the sconces.

Which ties in with the ornaments on the bottle brush trees I bought last year from MarthaHoliday at JCP.
We did several events all in one week at work where we used a lot of fresh greenery. Well, much like wedding flowers, I can't throw things away when they are still in their prime, so I created some swags to go over my little reproduction print of Fra Angelico's The Annunciation that hangs in the passage to the bathroom and bedroom.
I also made one for the large mirror.

Pottery and Arctic animals in the bathroom.
I love this little collection of random figurines in the old telephone shelf.

Lots of woodland creatures in the dining room.

I add more and more of these sisal and buri animals every year.
Once mostly golds and silvers, I've added a lot more red and green to the dining room. The paperwhites started blooming right on time.

The little creche I "borrow" from my mom. I did a funny post on it four years ago that you can look at here.
I found this acorn ornament from the first year Martha was at Macy's at a large antique mall in Indianapolis. So happy to add it to my collection!

Who doesn't love a poinsettia? I love the "splattered" look of this one.

The little white faux feather tree from the Martha Stewart Everyday years at Kmart. I always add a few glass animal ornaments when I can. The tablecloth came from the collection of my old neighbor Cath.

This year I added some glittered moose!

One of the pair of golden tinsel trees.

And it's mate! I found a bunch of old red ornaments that are colored kind of like the big old glass lights. The one at the very bottom is one of them. I think maybe the glass itself is red, rather than silvered on the inside like most ornaments.

Pierced porcelain and ornaments on the begonia table.
My Grandma Norma gave me this ruby glass cordial set one Christmas years ago and I put it out for Christmas this year. I love it.

And with the candles blazing. I made the little cedar bobeches with more of the greenery I salvaged from the parties.

Old Martha plates from Kmart on the wall in the kitchen.

The kitchen decor really looks the same every year. Hmmmmm, what to do next year....

Another faux feather tree from Kmart, much like the image of mine that was once featured on Martha's blog so many years ago.

Berries and Ironstone.
More candles and more bobeches. Brassy is classy!

I made them simply enough by attaching their ends together with floral wire.

After the bustle and chaos of the holidays, I think I'll keep the decorations up a bit longer than usual so I can enjoy more nights like this. I hope you all have had a wonderful holiday season, and a bountiful New Year!

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