Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Searching For the Garden Under the Snow

On Sunday my nephew and I took a little foray out into the arctic tundra that the Garden has become. I cannot believe how deep the snow is! I does make me happy, though, as all those inches of snow are protecting every sleeping plant from the sub-zero temperatures we've been dealing with.

Come take a little stroll with us!

Junior wanted to check out the Vegetable Garden. After a bit of a struggle actually walking out to it, we had to dig out the gate to get it open.

Or we could have walked around to the back where the weight of the snow had pulled the chicken wire fence down.

Really. The snow is deep.

Junior sort of dug out the snow "like a dog" as he walked from front to back of the Vegetable Garden.

And then walked right out over the fence. I new we needed to make some repairs to the fence, but now it looks like we will need to take it all off, straighten it out, and put it back up. It's obvious we need to add a few more uprights to strengthen the chicken wire.
The White Garden has never looked so white!

Took a little break and made a snow angel.

The end result was pretty perfect.

The Berry Patch is one big drift.

So. Much. Snow.

I'm hoping the currants don't get chewed up by rabbits. The more tender tops are about eye-high to a rabbit right now.

I'm glad I wrapped the boxwood!

Junior wasn't too concerned.

That slight mound to the left of the patio chair is the long border of boxwood, protected under the snow by the burlap.
The big American boxwood out front isn't so lucky. However, I have another Martha-inspired plan for this guy next year. My mom refuses to burlap this guy, so we might just wrap it in black bird netting. You can't see it, but it helps hold the boxwood together in heavy snow, rather than it splaying out and risking damaged or broken branches. Sigh, add that to next Winter's to-do list. For now we will just shake the snow off.