Monday, February 17, 2014

Cleaning Out the Closet

Continuing with the constant reorganization at my parent's house, and my desire to move the hall tree from it's present location to the dining room (thus freeing up some space to move the sofa in the living room), I decided to clean out the coat closet. When I mentioned moving the hall tree I was met with looks of despair and exclamations of "Where will we hang our coats?!?!"

How about in the closet?

I just rolled my eyes and went to work. Boy oh boy did we find some junk! I've never seen such a collection of good, sturdy boxes full of tissues paper in my life. Or random, unopened, Halloween and Christmas decorations from Frank's and Belmont's (two store that have been closed for decades). There was also a lot of old cards and invitations, which will find their way to a more suitable home, some Christmas items, and single, mate less gloves and mittens.

A few of the boxes, however, held wonderful discoveries.

I have a few blown out eggs from Great-aunt Mary with my Easter decorations. Now I've added to the collection! The little pullet egg ornament is tiny! The largest one in the top center is decorated like a bishop's hat.

Another box held a few vintage ornaments. Two of them were broken, but these four are moving in with my decorations. There were some other Christmas things I allowed (haha) my mom to keep.

Whoa!!!! This was a sculpture done by my mom in school. There was also a dinosaur-komodo dragon type thing I thought it would be nicer not to show. This dog is at least kind of charming.

An old Nippon creamer and sugar set with matching salt and pepper shakers. They need cleaned up a bit. That glass lid didn't go with anything.

Holy cow! These decoupaged wall plaques are a result of my Grandma and Great Aunts being busy, crafty ladies. I think these need to be handed out at the next family reunion.
This Japanese lusterware salt and pepper caddy is really rather pretty. The built-in condiment holder still has it's tiny spoon. My mom had been looking for this for quite some time. The lesson learned? Always look in the closet first!