Friday, March 14, 2014

Playing Catch Up: And Then It Snowed Again

It snowed. Again. On Wednesday. I was ready to post a bunch of pictures I took on Tuesday of the first signs of Spring in the garden, and then we got 6.7" of snow. We had just had so much wonderful melting that it seems like two steps forward and three steps back in this never ending winter. Today we are pushing 50 again, and warmer weather should stick around through next week, but yeesh! Can't we catch a break?

These are just a few shots I took on my iPhone while headed downtown and back, with a little architectural history thrown in just for fun.
This is what I awoke to see Wednesday morning from the Penthouse windows. A very wet, sticky snow had coated the entire world!

Venturing out around noon, I discovered one of the loveliest tulip trees in the neighborhood had taken another hit. Earlier in the Winter a rather sizable branch had broken off. Wednesday an even bigger limb snapped.

Broadway Christian Church, built in 1871 and originally known as West Wayne Street Methodist Church. Very pretty, but very dangerous for the trees.

A tree in front of the 1887 Andrew Ely Hoffman house looks really bogged down by the snow.

Slip sliding my way to meet the gals, Opal and Ruby, for lunch at the Dash-In. The snow was still falling at a pretty good clip.

I've always loved Trinity English Lutheran.

The snow slid off the copper roof as I snapped a few pictures. It made quite a noise. There is a lovely little garden between the cloisters of the church, and behind the short, snow covered trees, that I walk through quite often in the Spring and Summer.

This church (their third) was dedicated in 1925, but the congregation of Trinity has been in Fort Wayne since 1846.

The Klaehn, Fahl, and Melton funeral home has operated out of this Richardsonian Romanesque mansion since 1926. Built in 1893 for attorney and State Senator Robert Bell, I can only imagine the soirees held in this fine house.

Pushing a little closer to the Dash, I ran across my friend John stuck in the snow. Unfortunately I couldn't push him out, although I did try. Sorry John!

After lunch at the Dash we moved on to JK O'Donnell's and had a few pints and, well, a second lunch of fried pickles.

Then another pint and a flight. Good practice for St. Patrick's Day.

It really was rather warm! At the library I encountered some deep puddles and slush. No worry when marching in my Hunters!

A few of my favorite houses stand along the 500 block of West Wayne Street. (Although they are pretty obscured in this picture!)
The Eakins house is a favorite. Built around 1862, it is the only remaining residential Gothic Revival building in Fort Wayne. The high, peaked roof, arched windows, and intricate porch details are all common elements of the very romantic Gothic Revival (or Victorian Gothic) style that was helped to be made popular by Alexander Jackson Davis in the 1840's-1860's. Again, rather obscured. What can I say? I was fighting my way home!