Saturday, March 15, 2014

The Big Thaw

Last Tuesday, before the snow started to fall on Wednesday, I eagerly pulled on an old pair of Wellies and headed out into the muddy Garden. We hadn't seen a bare patch of earth, let alone any plants, in months! What I saw was both wonderful and awful. Those rabbits have been at it again. Thankfully, after  we get through temperatures in the mid-twenties Sunday, Spring seems to really be on the way.

Stepping gently through the Shade Garden, I spied someone peaking out near a hellebore.
A lovely little duo of teeny galanthus, better known as snowdrops. This, I must say, was almost the only highlight of my stroll.
Squirrels have attacked some of the burlap protecting the boxwood.
And the rabbits! See all the droppings? EVERYWHERE!?! They apparently just sat and pooped and chewed on forsythia branches. They didn't even really eat them, just chewed them off and left them lay.
In the Berry Patch they took care of my spring pruning for me. All of the raspberry cans gnawed off.

They just sat and pooped in the currants. None of the limbs were noticeably damaged.

I'm going to consider this a blessing from Heaven. I mean, it's like fertilizer, right?

I really can't believe they went after the gooseberries. Not only to they have large, sharp thorns. They have a ton of tiny, hairy, prickly thorns all up and down their branches! Unbelievable. I knew a fence would be needed in the Berry Patch, but now it has moved to the top of the list.

To end on a happy note, more snowdrops were poking their way up in the White Garden. At least something is growing rather than being cut down. Hopefully in another week I can get some repair work done.