Thursday, April 17, 2014

Pantry Dinner - Bucatini Piccata with Tuna and Dill

Pantry dinners of course vary from house to house, but aside from the fresh dill (leftover from matzo ball soup) everything for this quick meal I had on hand. Two nights before I had enjoyed perch piccata at Paula's on Main, my favorite local seafood restaurant. I could not get the capery, buttery, lemony flavors out of my head, so I replicated the flavors in an entirely different dish.

Butter, capers, a bit of salt and pepper.

I zested the lemon first and added the zest to the butter and capers. The dill and lemon juice was added after mixing the pasta with the tuna and caper/butter mixture.

Added some grated Parmesan and voila! Fresh, salty, bright flavors in about ten minutes (once the pasta water boils). This is my favorite way to cook once I begin to get busier and busier outdoors. A few fresh ingredients can make all the difference in an otherwise completely "pantry" dinner.