Monday, July 28, 2014

Summer Squawking

After finishing garden chores, there really is nothing better than to sit down and enjoy the results of your hard work. The watering is done, the lawn bags are put away, and the feeders are filled and ready for our avian friends' dinner. You can watch all of the garden residents while contemplating what needs to be changed in the landscape, how you want to edge the paths in the Shade Garden, you can daydream about the apple espalier you want to create to "fence off" the Berry Patch...

Then the peace is shattered by some squawking.

Daylilies, Oriental lilies, and garden phlox are the main focus in this section of the garden at the moment. Plans for some changes to the garden are underway, and soon the chain link fence will begin to be obscured by taller shrubs and trees that will create a natural privacy screen as well act as a backdrop for the perennial garden.
The clan of chipmunks are just awful. They dig up plants, turn over small pots, and plant sunflower seeds all over the garden. The sunflower seeds I don't really mind, but whenever I walk into the shade garden and find another pile of impatiens spilled from a pot I want to put down some poison. Honestly.

The little brown sparrows love to perch on the arbor in in the Berry Patch.

And I love to cut these clematis vines. The only real problem is that with all of the perching, there is a lot of pooping. Pooping on the clematis. Sigh...

I honestly thought this was a Road Runner in the tree.

Then I realized it was a young female cardinal. I should probably go fill the bird bath.

A young robin was nearby, flying back and fourth between the fence and the ground. Still holding on to his speckled feathers to help camouflage himself. What is that racket in the tree?
Ugh. The chipmunk is trying to be sneaky.

Caught in the act! He's not only burying the sunflower seeds in my tree fern's pot, he's burying the entire flower! Stupid jerk. I'll just spray a little water his direction and then go water the vegetable garden for the robins. They always like it when I water after cultivating around the plants.

In lands Mama Robin making the loudest racket ever! Usually the robins just wait until I finish watering the vegetable garden so they can dig worms. This one wouldn't shut up!

Oh, I get it. Her kid flew down to the ground again, and I'm 20 feet away. Danger!

Dang! She looks like she means business. You win this time, Mother Bird, I'll go water somewhere else. No worms for you!