Monday, August 25, 2014

A Look At the Cutting Garden

Years ago when we built the new Vegetable Garden, we created a Cutting Garden in the old space. I planted tulips and allium and hyacinths in the fall, and cosmos, zinnias, asters, sunflowers, Mexican sunflowers, globe amaranth, dahlias, and snap dragons the following spring. About four years ago the Cutting Garden turned into the Berry Patch, although it still does double duty with all of the old Darwin tulips returning every year, as well as the hyacinths. The allium will all soon be dug and relocated, and space for direct sowing seeds is long gone, so we needed a new little space where we can cut with abandon.

The bed along the south side of the house was perfect. It had been filled with ditch lilies and black eyed Susans for many years, and this Spring we finally cleaned it up, transplanted and divided everything, and had a raw space to sow seeds. Of course I still pick from the main garden beds, but there I always pick carefully so as not to spoil the overall look of the borders. It's great to have a little place to grow things with no other purpose than filling the indoors with flowers.

The bed is about three feet deep and fifteen feet long. Plenty of room for a crowded little cutting garden.
We had been planting sunflowers in the Vegetable Garden, but last year they didn't seem to do very well. We've had much better luck this year, even if everything went in rather late.

The cosmos are really just beginning to open.

But they are certainly worth the wait!

Not sure what color he wants to be.

This is from a cosmos 'seashells' mix.

Zinnias are just the brightest, happiest of flowers. A happy accident was planting them between the sunflowers and cosmos. Being overshadowed, their stems have "stretched" toward the sun, creating some of the longest stems I've ever seen! So much easier for cutting and arranging.

This 'Envy' zinnia has faded a bit to the yellow side, but when they first bloom they are the brightest chartreuse of any flower.

Pretty, pretty, pretty.

The sunflowers are stretching up at the back of the bed.

A beautiful 'Chianti' sunflower.

A rather short 'Mammoth' sunflower.

Such a happy, cheerful picture of Summer.