Saturday, September 27, 2014

Fall Planting In the White Garden (The Bulbs Are Beginning To Go In)

The time of year when I begin to buy up every bulb I can find is upon us again. I am proud to say I managed to actually plant everything I bought for the White Garden in an afternoon, although some of the plant material has been languishing in pots for over a month now.

As usual, I've changed things. I really, really, really need to at least attempt to make a planting plan and actually designing a garden. However, a garden is never finished, so this is really just another evolution. As I mentioned in a previous post, I've been focusing on the perimeter of the yard, and planting shrubs and small trees to create a screen and also to sort of enclose some spaces. This is how the White Garden is now changing, and a sort of room will be created in the next decade or so (I hope). 
Although fading now, the White Garden really did look wonderful this year. The best year yet.

The Snowdrop anemones (anemone sylvestris) bloomed beautifully early in the summer. A few plants have decided to re bloom. They look so delicate, but are really quite tough.

They've also spread very nicely. This was all one small plant a few years ago. They are bordering on invasive, but I'll let them go a bit longer before I start ripping them out.

Right where the Peony Border meets the White Garden I planted a small Korean Spice viburnum. It will grow slowly, but eventually will be part of the "living fence" surrounding the back yard.
The bench that once sat in the center of the garden has been moved for repairs and will find a new home when it is finished. I think a low, backless, concrete bench will be perfect in this space. Or perhaps a large, "permanent", planter. In the space just behind where the bench was I planted two more tiny Snowball viburnum. This will create another "wall" as they grow up with the one already at the edge of the garden on the left.
One of a pair of white Rhododendrons I found for $5.00 each. In fact, none of these plants were more than $5.00, and most were $3.00 on clearance.
The second Rhododendron is taking up a space that was once a path, and as it grows, will create a garden room. A third, clearance astilbe joins the two others that have grown quite happily in their space. One of the things that works against us is that the White Garden is "high shade" or "dappled sun". Ferns don't do as well as I would like, and full sun plants like delphinium really can only grow in one small spot. Astilbe, hosta, heuchera, and obedient plant have done quite well. Here you can see the beginning of the bulb planting.
I planted large clumps of 14 'Purissima" tulips. They are a tad on the ivory side, but in the Spring, when we are desperate for anything blooming, they fit right in.

A row of 'Thalia' daffodils. These are perhaps the sweetest little daffodils that grow. I've planted several clumps, and have some growing in another section of the garden that I need to move.

In the space where the bench once stood, between the lily-of-the-valley and the viburnum, is a large group of 28 'Purissima' bulbs planted. Bulb planting time is always when I think of an old saying that gardening is based on hard work and pure faith.
Another clump went in between the obedient plant and the white lilac. The red leaves are a clearance white peony that will join the tulips with early interest, as the obedient plant doesn't fill in until later in the season.

The little white azalea has had a nice rebound from rabbit damage over the winter. I really need to figure out a better way to protect it, as wrapping it in burlap isn't enough.
All in all, this little section of the garden, the White Garden, is thriving. Once the low planters of impatiens (which I love, but might find a new home next year) are emptied, I'm going to continue the concrete curve to help build up the soil in a low spot that always seems to stay flooded. I've tried several times to plant white bleeding hearts in that spot, but they tend to get too boggy and struggle. Hopefully next Spring that will be fixed. Now that everything is in, it's time to mulch.