Sunday, January 11, 2015

Packing Up Christmas

Although it seems like the Holidays sped by faster this year than ever before, and I was about a week late in getting all of my decorating complete, I am pretty relieved to have everything taken down, packed up, and back to normal. Of course the entire time I'm thinking of how I can change things around next year-where to put the green tinsel trees I've not ever even used yet, where to hang the winter berry garland, what colors to use in the dining room, on and on.

For now I'm happy to look forward to Spring and Easter, which is my second (a very close second) favorite holiday. Decorations are already in the planning stage.

The naked tree with his branches all bent up.
The ornaments from the silver tinsel tree are each individually wrapped in bubble wrap and placed securely in a plastic tote.

The tree itself, and the base, are wrapped in plastic to keep them free of dust while in storage.

The glass balls used all over are layered in totes between more bubble wrap.

Almost like lasagna. I've never lost a single ornament storing them this way. In fact, I usually only lose ornaments by dropping them. I can be a real klutz.

The glass bird clips, old Martha Stewart Everyday ornaments, are individually wrapped in tissue and stored together in a box that is then placed in the tote.

I have dozens and dozens of little acorn and nut ornaments. They are all stored in paper bags.

And then tucked together in the totes.

The glittered moose each were wrapped in a bubble wrap bag.

Even though he's just a styrofoam ball and some pipe cleaners, all of my little vintage decorations made by my grandma or great aunts deserve extra protection.

Same with the old vintage ornaments I find. They get some extra protection with bubble wrap and a secure box inside the tote.

I love my old mercury glass reindeer.

Tucked safely in the box, they will be safe until next year!

Somehow everything fits in five totes (there are two not shown) and one box. The box holds the creche. Nothing is overpacked, but packed securely enough that they don't shift around. The gold tinsel trees and the little feather trees all have their own boxes. I've already moved around all of the jadeite and put the Christmas plates away, although the jadeite might make another appearance around Easter.

Saturday, January 3, 2015

New Amaryllis ( or Here I Go Again)

Last week while on a regular shopping run, I spied quite a few amaryllis bulbs wasting away on the discount shelves at the back of the plant section. They had been marked down to $1.50 each, and then left to their own devices. Several were making meager attempts at pushing through the box so they could bloom. Readers of this blog know that I am a sucker for discount plants in all forms, so I'm sure it's no surprise what happened next. 

If you want to know a wee bit more about Amaryllis, here is an older post I wrote four years ago.

Despite the fact that there were indeed several Red Lion bulbs available, I decided to buy shades of pink. Christmas will be long forgotten by the time they bloom, and it might just be perfect timing for them to start showing off around Valentine's Day..

I found these old rose pots I thought I had lost in a cabinet in the garage. Tall and a bit slender, they are perfect for amaryllis. See the flower bud beginning to peak out of the bulb?

This one is quite robust. Poor thing would have been in a dumpster soon enough!

Four potted up and ready to grow. I forgot I had bought a red and white striped one weeks ago and was, myself, letting it languish on a shelf. I'm such a jerk.

These two 'Red Lion' amaryllis plants have been going strong and are continuing to grow. More blooms already on the way!

Then, of course, I went back. How could I resist? Three more pink amaryllis in new pots, so these cost me about $4 each with the pot.

Now I just need to top them all off with some gravel, sit back, and wait for them to bloom!