Friday, February 27, 2015

Checking In On the Tropicals

On Tuesday, as the blooms of one of the last amaryllis to flower were fading, I gathered up all of the other pots of amaryllis to take back to my parents' house for the remainder of the winter. I also wanted to check on the citrus and fig trees, and see if there was any jasmine blooming that I could swap out for the amaryllis. 

No jasmine this time, but there were many other things to see!

The remaining amaryllis, 8 pots in all, have joined the others at my mom and dad's house. They will stay inside until around Memorial Day when they will go out in the garden for "Summer Camp" until September when they move to the garage cabinet to go into dormancy for winter blooms.

Walking into the "Winter Garden" (the smallest bedroom) you can smell the citrus blooms immediately. This is on the little 'Ponderosa' lemon from Logee's.

This is a wee baby Meyer lemon. There are three on this plant so far!

The only thing close to ripe is this kumquat.

The figs have all leafed out as usual after the equinox. There are also quite a few growing a breba (or breva) crop of figs. These are early figs produced on last year's growth in the spring rather than the main crop grown on new growth and ripening in late summer and early fall.

Fig number two! I think these are all growing on Chicago Hardy figs, but I need to get down and untangle the branches to know for sure.

And little (super blurry) fig number three! We'll have to wait and see how many more we get!

And as I was looking for a good swap out of plants for the amaryllis I saw two of the four agapanthus were preparing to bloom. I brought them home and can't wait to see their blue flowers brighten up these never ending winter days.

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