Saturday, March 14, 2015

Spring Cleaning - Reorganizing the Linen Closet

Nowhere in my house is really THAT unorganized, except maybe when the dining room table becomes a sort of catch-all for mail, books, plants, new vases, etc. Sometimes, though, they just become a little messy or jumbled. After the clothes sorting I thought I would tackle something easy like the linen closet. It had become a bit of a mixed-use mess, and I wanted to weed out the cough drops, table clothes, and rolls of wrapping paper and get it back to towels, sheets, laundry supplies, bathroom cleaners, and surplus toiletries. I did have to keep all of my extra kitchen towels in here, too, but they are a bit more neatly sorted now.
See? It wasn't THAT crazy, but it made me shudder whenever I opened the door.

So much better. The everyday towels fit better rolled up. The sheets are all sorted into their sets on their shelf next to extra pillowcases and the iron. Below is bathroom cleaning and extra soap, tissue, q-tips, and the like. On the hanging basket are all of the kitchen towels.

Safely stored away is one of the greatest gifts ever from my friends Dave a Jeannette.

A very luxe set of monogrammed towels. They know me so well!

Cleaning supplies look much better corralled in a basket. I'm on my last few bottles of Martha Stewart Clean products. I wish they hadn't stopped making them! This was more of a "tidying up" rather than a "reorganization" project, but just a little work makes all the difference.

Next stop? *Gulp* the china and glassware cabinets. Or maybe the bathroom. Yeah, the bathroom will be an easy Spring Clean. I don't know if I'm ready to tackle what I like to call "the archives" yet.

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