Friday, April 10, 2015

Easter 2015

I'm getting really bad at uploading photos and forgetting to post them. So now as I rush around tidying up the apartment and packing for a quick trip to Chicago (after a normal day at work) tomorrow, I sit down to caption these photos from almost a week ago. One day I'll get back on a schedule.

Easter itself was not hurried at all! I was up early, finished all of my cooking on time, and had a few minutes to enjoy the sunny, albeit chilly, morning before heading over to my parents for the afternoon. I hope you all had a wonderful Easter and saw for yourself some signs of Spring!

A quick breakfast to get me through the morning of cooking.

The Easter decorations get moved around a bit every year. I found these new jadeite candy dishes at H&M. Who knew they had a home store? The bunnies I've had for years, although I'm not sure where I found them.

The chicken cart joined the other jadeite pieces. I forgot to get out my two Martha By Mail roosters!

Part of my horde of blown out eggs under the cake dome. Not a single one is dyed, all are natural pastel shades of blue and green and a buff color, as well as regular brown eggs. These will probably stay out somewhere for a few more months. I just love them.

New and old glass and ceramic covered hen dishes.

As well as a few covered bunnies. Did you know they made Swedish Fish jelly beans? That is what is giving the glass bunny it's deeper blush.

Under another dome is a collection of blown out and decorated eggs done by my Grandma and Great-Aunts.

Some gilded and gold painted eggs (that are beginning to show their age) in a faux bois planter with some little goslings. Or are they ducks?

More eggs, more whiteware dishes, and a cast iron rabbit.

I love these foil wrapped "chocolate" bunnies. They look perfect with some foil wrapped chocolate eggs!

More blown out and dyed eggs. This is the first time in many years that I didn't add any new decorated eggs to the collection.

Some sheep and rabbits, actually Martha Stewart Collection Christmas ornaments, joined the citrus on a side table in the dining room.

Time to get cooking! Aside from some roasted rainbow carrots (and some homemade peeps made at our Second Annual Peep Night) I made two asparagus and Gruyere tarts. Thanks goodness for puff pastry.

Not so many thanks to the grocery for having grated Gruyere. I HATE grating cheese.

The results were delicious as always.

Daffodils and plastic eggs for the egg hunt!
Junior found them all! And no, they weren't all as easy to sea as that orange one in the planter. Sometimes the Easter Bunny gets a little tired of hiding eggs.

I do like it when Eater falls late, because then we always have plenty of plants and bulbs blooming. This year you had to look for blooms, like the ones on this hellebore, which also seems to be blooming later than usual. A brief visit to the garden today and the forsythia is blooming as well as early daffodils and some hyacinths that are THIS CLOSE to being ready to pick. I should be able to begin bringing home a continuous harvest through October of fresh blooms from the garden starting on Tuesday. Winter is behind us at last.

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