Friday, May 22, 2015

Springtime in the White Garden

 Several years ago, inspired both by Martha as well as Vita Sackville-West, I embarked on creating a White Garden. To my surprise it's been easier than I expected to focus on one color and fill this small garden (probably the smallest of the gardens) with a variety of plants. Foliage is just as important as the flowers, maybe more so when dealing only in white, but it does create a rather magical place. The flowers are visible later in the day, and it makes a nice place to gaze upon in the twilight.

These were taken over a few weeks. The azalea is just now beginning to open, and the white allium are growing taller and taller stalks. The delphinium has been lost, but a peony planted last year is promising a nice showing. Of course I would like more ferns and hosta, and astilboids would do great here. Maybe a white clematis...

The White Garden is in a rather low spot. The sogginess of spring snow melt and rains doesn't seem to affect the 'Thalia' daffodils and low growing 'Snowdrop' anemones. The poor bench used to sit in the midst of the garden over the planting of lily-of-the-valley, but needs repaired. More snowball viburnum and a rhododendron has taken it's place. I love the low concrete planters filled with white impatiens.

Approaching from the North entrance to the garden. The grass path separates the White Garden from the larger Shade Garden. The anemones have spread nicely.

A tiny white columbine. I'll scrape away the mulch to make sure the seeds reach the soil.

Even past their prime, the 'Snowdrop' anemones are cheerful little flowers.

'Mount Hood' and 'Thalia' daffodils lead the springtime charge (after the snowdrops), but are followed closely by tulip 'Purissima'. I plant more and more white tulips every fall as they aren't reliable perennials.

One of my favorite flowers. The scent of lily-of-the-valley in the rain is even more heady than their already intoxicating scent.

A snowball of blooms on the viburnum.

The lilac didn't make a great showing this year. Only a few blooms. I think I should have done some pruning.

This!!! A mislabeled white rhododendron. Unless it fades to white he is getting moved. The tag is still on him! "Pure white blooms" ay, yi, yi.

I just can't resist them! They will soon go to seed, get cut back, and bloom again, with a little less vigor, in the Fall.
Looking over the White Garden from the Northwest corner into the regular Shade Garden. Nest there will be hosta and astilbe blooms. The Japanese painted ferns will be fully leafed out, and the obedient plants spreading throughout will fill in any gaps. I still need to get the rest of the impatiens planted, as well as some white begonias to help fill some of the gaps. I'll keep you updated on the process!


  1. Where are you?!?! We miss you!!!

    1. I'm working on a return! A big change is coming up!