Thursday, July 23, 2015

Rain, Rain, Go Away

While Indiana has been breaking rainfall records, the poor garden has been suffering. Tomatoes have never looked worse. My one year old bittersweet vine has shriveled up. Rhododendrons are dropping leaves as well as wilting. All of this is because of standing water in the over saturated garden beds.

This rain has also made it very difficult to get any planting done. There are no flowers in the Cutting Garden as it has been reduced to mud for over a month and a half. Impatiens have waited patiently to find a home along the path of the Shade Garden. Perennials are standing in trays that must constantly be dumped of water while we wait for the ground to dry enough to plant them. Overall this has been a bit of a difficult growing season.

Finally on Monday we had sun. And Tuesday we had dry conditions. Wednesday and today, more dry, sunny days. So perhaps the sunflowers and zinnias will go in after all. We will just have to wait until late September or early October for flowers. My motto has always been "better late than never" when it comes to gardening, so I guess Sunday I will concentrate on rows of sunflowers and zinnias, as well as new rows of beans (for some unknown reason only wax beans have germinated-the bush and pole beans never sprouted) and maybe some new patches of mesclun.

All the while I'll be hoping the weather has turned for the better.

The Shade Garden was saturated. The path had standing water for days on end, and I'm afraid we lost two Japanese maples due to all the rain. I am going to wait and see if they come back, but so far the leaves have all shriveled and or dropped. My Southern Magnolia is rather haphazardly stuck in the middle of the path. I'm still not sure what I am going to do with him in the winter, so for now he's staying in his nursery pot.

I've begun to consider a koy pond for the White Garden.

Strolling along the Hydrangea Border and you are likely to lose a shoe. This also makes me worry about the peonies in the opposite bed. So many places need to be raised!

The overgrown Vegetable Garden has basically been abandoned since all the rain began. Normally the back would be a lush row of vigorous green tomato plants. This year it is a sad, droopy, blighted plot.
More standing water. In a raised bed.

A sick little tomato plant. This bed received brand new dirt and compost this spring, and it's been three years since the tomatoes were planted in this spot. So very frustrating. 

Mud. Damp. Mud.
Even in usually dry places the ground just couldn't hold anymore.

Thankfully there were some moments of beauty as the sun came out.

Every year I want to rip these out because they are usually covered in aphids. The one benefit of the rain, it seems, is the lack of aphids!

The poor Cutting Garden.

Some cosmos volunteered from last year's seeds have grown, but the ground has never been dry enough to plant any seeds.
Hopefully this Sunday Junior can help me plant instead of helping create mud holes all over the lawn.

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