Saturday, January 3, 2015

New Amaryllis ( or Here I Go Again)

Last week while on a regular shopping run, I spied quite a few amaryllis bulbs wasting away on the discount shelves at the back of the plant section. They had been marked down to $1.50 each, and then left to their own devices. Several were making meager attempts at pushing through the box so they could bloom. Readers of this blog know that I am a sucker for discount plants in all forms, so I'm sure it's no surprise what happened next. 

If you want to know a wee bit more about Amaryllis, here is an older post I wrote four years ago.

Despite the fact that there were indeed several Red Lion bulbs available, I decided to buy shades of pink. Christmas will be long forgotten by the time they bloom, and it might just be perfect timing for them to start showing off around Valentine's Day..

I found these old rose pots I thought I had lost in a cabinet in the garage. Tall and a bit slender, they are perfect for amaryllis. See the flower bud beginning to peak out of the bulb?

This one is quite robust. Poor thing would have been in a dumpster soon enough!

Four potted up and ready to grow. I forgot I had bought a red and white striped one weeks ago and was, myself, letting it languish on a shelf. I'm such a jerk.

These two 'Red Lion' amaryllis plants have been going strong and are continuing to grow. More blooms already on the way!

Then, of course, I went back. How could I resist? Three more pink amaryllis in new pots, so these cost me about $4 each with the pot.

Now I just need to top them all off with some gravel, sit back, and wait for them to bloom!