Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Spring Cleaning Begins With A Clothes Clear-Out

The warm air has hit, and the Spring Cleaning bug has bit! Actually, it bit a few weeks ago as the cold dreariness of the winter wore on. I do love winter, but late February and early March are the worst because I know the start of the gardening season is so close that I begin chomping at the bit to get outside and get to work. As a distraction I began to clean-out, sort, donate, and just reorganize the Penthouse from top to bottom.

I started with the clothes. Oy.

Nothing is worse than finding clothes tucked away with tags still on them. What was I thinking? Why did they end up in the darkest reaches of the closet? And when did I amass so many pants?

And jackets. Ay yi yi. There are several really great ones, like a vintage navy blue cashmere Bill Blass sport coat that is just amazing, but most of them I bought with some intention of wearing. I've paired this way down. Oh look! It's the Sex and the City board game!

Shirts I'm pretty good about purging whenever I buy more, but sweaters and sweatshirts I am quite awful at getting rid of. Those top shelves are full of sweaters that have not seen the light of day in years. Good bye!

Scarves, well, scarves I won't get rid of. Sorry.

Clearing out and reorganizing more sweaters and jeans in the dresser gave me an entire free drawer! I had a plan for it, though, and it is already filled, although in a much more useful way. I found that blue and white Cynthia Rowley "Swell" rug shoved in the back of the jacket cupboard. I just love shopping at home. It's not really my style and I don't know if I will keep it, but for now I like it right where it is.

At this point I had just had it. Anything being kept was thrown into this pile balanced between chair and hamper in the corner. Everything else was thrown into bags and delivered promptly to the thrift store donation door.

There are always great discoveries, however. I found a pale gray trench I believe I bought purely for the toile lining.

This entire process of clearing-out clothes took longer than I had intended. I get distracted easily. But today the final bag of clothes went of to be donated, and a smaller bag of a few really good spring coats and some scarves are ready to be given away to a friend. The massive "keep" pile has been put away, and I know I will sleep better knowing that at least one portion of Spring Cleaning is over.

Now to tackle the linen closet.