Thursday, April 2, 2015

Eye To Eye With Nature

Several Tuesdays ago while enjoying coffee and Live With Kelly and Michael there was a great flurry outside the living room. I grabbed my camera as I moved closer to look, and then enjoyed about thirty minutes of watching an amazing bird of prey right outside the French doors. One of the great things about living at the top of the building is occasionally being eye to eye with nature. Once, long ago, an owl followed me home. I swear. He followed me. I heard him "hoo hoo"ing, and after I climbed the three flights to the Penthouse he was right there, silhouetted against the white portico of the brick house across the street. I'll dig up the picture I took one day and show you! 

At first I wasn't sure what this gal (or guy-I'm saying gal because female hawks are usually bigger than males, and this one just seemed large) was because he was so puffed up from the cold. But then the more I looked at the markings, and the very tips of the tail feathers, I decided it must be a young red-tailed hawk.

I've also been rather caught up with several live bird cams. One follows a nest of two Bald Eagles, and the Cornell Lab Bird Cams have several cameras set up in various places where you can watch either Barn or Barred Owls in their nesting boxes, as well as a pair of Red-Tailed Hawks in their Ithaca, New York nest. I was addicted to the Great Horned Owls in Savannah, but the little owlets have fledged and left the nest.
Coming in for a landing!

Sitting pretty with a commanding view of West Berry Street.

Here was where I saw the red.

Just at the very tips.

Looking to the East.

A little preening.

What a profile.

Then I was caught taking pictures.

Such amazing markings.

Those talons!

Whoops! Adjusting her feet she almost fell.

Puffed up and staying warm.

Such a cool creature.

One more look with those yellow eyes and she was off.