Tuesday, March 8, 2016

A New Chapter Begins : A Sneak Peak At South Calhoun

It seemed like the day would never come, and I had so much time ahead of me, but now the move from the Penthouse to South Calhoun is almost here and becoming very real. Painting will hopefully be done, or at least well underway, next week, and then the (hopefully very organized) move can begin.

I still pinch myself when I look at these pictures. I never thought I would be lucky enough to have a new apartment with wonderful finishes, a closet that could be a small bedroom, a modern kitchen that has already renewed my love of cooking, and all of this amazing light! I'm very thankful to my friends for convincing me to take it, and extremely thankful to one friend in particular for building it. Though leaving West Central, my home for almost 20 years, is bittersweet, it is definitely time for me to re pot the plant and look toward the future rather than hang on to the past.

Here's a first look at the new digs! Excuse the blurry iPhone pics!

My first look at the place was in the weeks leading up to Christmas. The entire second floor had been gutted and rearranged.

The windows in the living room, as well as the height of all the ceilings, sold me immediately.

I saw the space without the kitchen at first. Once it started to go in I realized this was it. I had to live here.

The bedroom is a nice sized, squared off room. The bed will go on the right (South) wall.

A perfect corner for my desk.

Looking into the closet on the right and hallway on the left. I think the china cabinet will be put here but be used for linen storage.

The bathroom is compact but perfect. Mirrors and a medicine cabinet have since gone in. This is the one room where I am struggling with a paint color.

Waiting on the counters...

I'm so excited about this island! The door is the laundry room.

A good look at the counter top.

The light bouncing off the counters is amazing. All of the appliances are in. Just waiting on the plumbers to finish. Did I mention how excited I am about this island?