Thursday, September 1, 2016

Mindless Chores, Wandering Minds and Instant Gratification

There are many things I absolutely love doing that most people would think of as "chores". Folding clothes is at the top of the list. Ironing. Weeding the garden beds. Mopping floors, washing dishes, sometimes even dusting. Cleaning up after people are over for cocktails or dinner is a favorite thing to do, as well. I sleep much better when there is nothing dirty in the sink. South Calhoun came complete with a dishwasher, but I believe I've only attempted to use it twice. I mean, by the time you figure out where everything goes while loading it you could have just hand washed it and been done! Whereas standing at the sink (or pushing a mop, or folding a t-shirt) you can let your mind wander, or dissect the evening, or even just let your mind rest.

I know "Homemaking as Therapy" sounds a little crazy. It's just how I do things. Housework calms me down if I'm anxious or upset or even just exhausted. I think it's because accomplishing any task or chore gives you instant gratification. For me polishing silver ranks right up there with pulling weeds in the mental recharge department. Polishing is like meditation. I'm not even kidding. And then when the polishing is over you have a mini victory and for a split second there is nothing you can't do!

 "Hey silverware, I totally tackled you. Now watch me tackle life!"

If only it were really that easy.

Wright's Silver Polish is always my go to! I hadn't polished most of this since I moved. Most wasn't that bad. Remember if you use your silver it takes much longer to tarnish because you are washing it frequently.