Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Getting the Last Bulbs In the Groud

A final shipment of lily bulbs arrived last week, and I decided to make an area inside the vegetable garden to plant them. Once I sat down to see what bulbs we still needed to plant, I realized I could add some allium and Dutch iris bulbs to the little plot. Although I will definitely cut some blooms, the purpose of planting the lilies in the vegetable garden is to draw pollinators to the plants. 

Hopefully we have better success with this year's lily bulbs than we did last year.

First went the allium bulbs. A mix of 'Gladiator', 'Purple Sensation', and a white allium that I'm not sure of the name of.

The lily bulbs looked very healthy. I planted a tall mix of Oriental lilies including yellow and white Stargazer, a double oriental, as well as some martagon lilies that are not fragrant but that I will want to pick for home.

The lilies mixed in with the allium. Did you know lily bulbs never go dormant? It's important to get them planted as quickly after their arrival as possible so they do not dry out or rot.

I just realized these picture are upside down. Anyhow, I covered the first row of bulbs with a couple of inches of soil and then planted about 40 purple Dutch iris bulbs on top of the allium and lily bulbs. Then I covered the row level with the rest of the garden and gave everything a good drink.

So as of now, the garden has been put to bed. I'm sure I'll see a bag of tulip bulbs on discount and try to shove them into frozen ground in December, but for now I'm done. Now on to cutting back perennials, weeding, and adding leaves to the compost pile.

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