Sunday, February 7, 2016

Happy Anniversary!

It's the Six Year Anniversary of the Bon Savant! This is the post from the one year anniversary. I've been very neglectful this year, but I'm ready to come back!

Most of the links don't work anymore, but the one for The Martha Blog still does!

i realized last weekend that Monday, February 7 marked the one year anniversary of the Bon Savant, and what a year it has been. who knew i would be the subject of a wonderful article written by the devoon Emma Downs, as well as have some of my Christmas decor featured on The Martha Blog (image 23).  since one of my major inspirations for this blog was watching the progress of Alexis Stewart's AMAZING triplex apartment (that link goes to a post just before the move in-go back to some of the earliest entries of her blog to see the bare bones, gutted apartment and follow the construction) i thought i would do a big before and after and after post, following my decorating mistakes, edits, ect. 
hope you enjoy, and thanks SO MUCH for reading my rambles.

my first look at the Penthouse, and yours.

around this time last year.

and a picture of the living room tonight.

looking the other way...

and again, tonight. i couldn't be happier with the paint choice, or with my decision to switch out the coffee table.

oh, the dining room. the most rearranged room i have ever had the pleasure to call my own.

first go round-bookcases along the window wall, moving leftovers everywhere, walls still green.

post paint job, room for the table to be fully opened. a real "dining room".

and tonight. bookshelves stacked (leaving room for more???), table leaves dropped again (why take up the space when i don't use it every day?), overflow produce from the kitchen, and the old under counter kitchen cabinet is the new "bar" (still waiting to be painted).

looking from the other corner. I'm glad i decided to paint both rooms the same Sharkey Gray (MSL240), really making the rooms flow together, rather than my original plan to paint it a vibrant green.

oh my! disgusting as it was, i was SO EXCITED about this kitchen...and i still love it!

first go round. walls are painted, and cookbooks are stored over the sink where the cabinet doors were removed. they have since moved on (or back) to the bookshelves.

and today. a much more edited look-all Martha's white ware, Wedgwood Drabware, and creamy Wedgwood Queen's Ware.

 MINI BLINDS OVER A STOVE! there is no other place you could hang mini blinds to get them dirtier faster. they were thrown out (you can see the "bar" cabinet under the counter).

after the walls (but not the window trim) was painted, and the double shelves before the lower one came crashing down.

tonight it all looks much more cohesive. Bedford Gray (MSL246) is the best color in the world. the window was "frosted" to allow privacy yet still let in the light.

restaurant style metro shelves now fill the space under the counter, doubling the storage, and allowing for a few more inches of foot space. i absolutely love this set up.

this wall really just needed painted.

perfect. the best thing about Sheridan Court is that almost every apartment has the perfect work nook for a Kitchenaid.

the bathroom just needed a good scrubbing and some paint. and here is the proof that i was not the one that painted the subway tiles!

the whole room was light blue, i panted the tiles white and the upper half pale, pale Soapstone Gray (i think).

and the troublesome bedroom. it took several rearrangements to figure out furniture placement (and I'm not sure if i am content with the current arrangement).

and tonight, looking from the back corner. still only testers on the walls (on the trim between door and closet, as well as to the left of the sconce), but the paint has been purchased, and i may actually make some headway this week. we'll see....