Thursday, August 25, 2016

First Things First - Color

Yes, this paint has been on the walls for six months now, but I've been lax at posting. My intentions were to document on the blog the process of moving and decorating. That never happened. I did, however, take plenty of pictures so I can do some of that now.

Color is always the first thing to consider, and since South Calhoun was really and truly a blank canvas I was excited to use color in a much more thoughtful way than in the past. This was the first time I have ever been able to get everything painted ahead of moving, and since major pieces of furniture would be relocated (like the bookshelves that had been my "headboard" at Sheridan Court moving to the living room, and the china cabinet moving into my bedroom since I would now be without a proper dining room) I wanted to take full advantage of this lucky situation. Thankfully, with the help of friends and my contractor (heh, heh) it all got done in time.
I've been using Bedford Gray in my kitchens ever since Martha Stewart invented the color to use on everything, and I mean everything, at her Katonah farm. I love how it changes in the light. It's a darker gray than my old living room, but with the abundance of natural light and the 12' ceilings it works better than I ever imagined.

As in the past, we painted all of the trim and molding the same color. I love how it makes the details pop out. I wanted to, and then was convinced to, paint the pantry door and laundry closet door the same as the walls. They look great. I kept the front, bathroom, and bedroom doors and their trim white, but now want to paint them Bedford Gray as well.

The gray that went up in my bedroom made me nervous at first. It was really dark.

But we plowed ahead. The more walls it covered the more I liked it. I'm not used to having a largish bedroom, and that might have been what worried me at first. This would be quite dark in a small bedroom. The plan was always to use a lot of white in the room, but it was also the space my collections of faux bois pieces, mercury glass vases, and gilded mirrors and frames would occupy. Once everything began moving in and being hung I realized the color was perfect. Going with my gut paid off.

Keeping the trim white in here helps connect everything, as well as lightens the room. The wall at the right in the picture is destined to have some type of built in headboard or panelling or something or other. It will be a great winter project for my contractor.

Kyoto Green was another color for which I had been holding onto the paint chip for years. Here it worked perfect in the bathroom of all places,

Looking from the living room toward a glimpse of the bathroom. The green is bright, but wonderful for a small room. These are two of the doors I still want to paint.

The move was one of the worst weeks of my life. I'm really not exaggerating. One of my three big bookcases had to be cut down in order to fit them on the wall. I was rather bitchy at the time (I swear I measured like eight times!), but once it was all said and done they look great and I really don't even notice the change.

The only room that didn't get the color treatment was the closet, but more on that later.