Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Planting For Spring

A few weeks ago tulip mania hit, as usual, and I began snapping up whatever tulips I could find. They went on sale. I snatched up even more. Then came the realization that I had no idea where I would plant these since there are so many garden projects happening at once. There are peonies to be moved, some perennials still to be planted, and beds that need to be built up before I plant anything in them again. So basically I'm saying no room for tulips. 

I remembered a blog of Martha's from the spring where she planted a whole garden devoted to nothing but tulips to cut. Then I remembered that after ten years our old Darwin hybrids in the Berry Patch (and former cutting garden) had really petered out this past spring. So combining the two ideas it was decided that all of the tulips, well, almost all, would be planted in the vegetable garden.

Yesterday was the day I got started.

I think I planted just under 400 yesterday afternoon.

It helped that all the beds had been filled with wonderful compost, and cleaned up before that. Planting was really easy.

The beds are 4'x8', so I fit six to eight rows in each bed.

There will be plenty of room between the rows to plant spinach, mesclun, beans, peas, even carrots and beets next year.

In addition to the tulips, I just placed an order for about 40 Oriental lily bulbs. I was going to clump them together where the lemon balm once grew, but I think I might plant them right along the edge of the old raised beds where the newer, 11'x19' bed begins. They will bring pollinators as well as be more cut flowers for me to take inside.

All done for now. These beds are all planted, as well as a long row of mixed colors in the large bed just out of the shot to the left. I want to get more to fill the large bed and really make this a show stopper in the spring. I'm keeping my fingers crossed no chipmunks dig them up.

Speaking of flowers to cut, the little patch of zinnias in the vegetable garden is still thriving. They didn't grow as tall as the ones in the cutting garden, but they still grew better than ever.