Monday, November 14, 2016

First Frost

It finally happened about two weeks into November. A freeze hard enough it wiped all of the tender vegetation out. It was time. I picked a ton of green tomatoes, little eggplants, and even the tiniest of tomatillos before the frost came. On Sunday we started cleaning everything up.

The poor zinnias were so gorgeous this year.

There was not a lot of plants left in the garden. But the eggplants, beans, and peppers were finally pulled, as well as the odd borage volunteer that tent to pop up here and there in the garden.

The sage stays pretty green all through the winter.

Pots were emptied. Dirt needs to be dumped and the pots taken in to the garage for the winter.

The Hydrangea Border always looks the worst after the first frost. It reminds me of that horrible spring where we had a late frost and we lost almost every plant.

I love how green the ferns remain.

Another pot that needs dumped and moved inside. I should prune the boxwood before they get wrapped for the winter, as well.

Looking through the redbud leaves at the back path between the Shade Garden and the Vegetable Garden. I really want to rebuild the fence on the Vegetable Garden.

Lastly the glorious red Japanese maple over some evergreen hellebore. And some thistle that needs pulled. Even in the fall, the work is never done.