Friday, December 16, 2016

Oh, Tannenbaum

For the past, um, forever, I've put up a tabletop tree rather than a full size real or faux spruce. the first one was a REALLY cheapo green PVC bottle brush type, then i found a nice, flocked, better looking PVC tree in a nice container and much more "real" looking (because some of the branches are uneven and it actually is a little lopsided, i think it looks more real). i would love to have a real tree, but i also love to put the tree up on it would be kindling by the time Christmas rolled around. maybe a live tree that can be planted.....

anyway, the snow was falling outside, and i was inspired to take some pictures of the tree. take a look!

remember-lopsided makes it look live!

Hey, Santa!

i love these sort of Scandinavian looking ornaments.

another folky/Scandinavian ornament

i have a lot of old, glittered ornaments plundered from my parent's Christmas boxes.

love these

green and glitter

i love this one. the family legend says that my mother once had many, many more of these indented ornaments. my older sister, however, had a hobby of poking out the middle with her fingers when she was much younger. we also had a dog that would walk right up to the tree and EAT THE GLASS BULBS! but that is another story.

this one is actually blue, though it looks rather teal in the pic. if you know Charlotte York, then you know how rare vintage blue Christmas ornaments are.

i made this one myself in, mmmmm, fourth grade? i think it is quite good.

what? WHAT? you wanna say something?

Hey, Santa II! in the background is the German Pickle ornament. hiding a pickle in the Christmas tree is said to be a German tradition, though there are just as many who say it ISN'T as there are folks who say it IS. true or false, the alleged tradition says the pickle gets hidden really well in the tree, and the child who finds it gets an extra gift. i celebrate the tradition with shots (so if you come over this Holiday season, be on the look-out if you want a shot).

from my second Christmas.

one of many made by my Grandma Norma by swirling paint inside clear glass ornaments.


glittered and quilled

old fashioned blue tree topper courtesy of Martha. (who am i kidding, a lot of the ornaments are courtesy of Martha)

all lit up at night. there are a lot of red and gold lights in there, as well. i guess they just don't show up that well.