Thursday, February 2, 2017

Moving The Figs Inside

In previous years the figs had moved into the "Winter Garden" with all of the other tropical plants at the end of summer. This year there wasn't quite enough room at first, so they moved into the garage for a true dormant period. Usually they end up losing their leaves even in the warmth where the tropicals thrive, so I wasn't too worried when the leaves began to fall. Last week I realized we should probably move them in, however, since the days were getting longer and the sun might actually pop out of the clouds one of these days. Maybe. I hope.

Here they were huddled together. They were watered infrequently and really just left alone. Some major pruning needs to happen so we can get control over some of the leggier branches. These were all either brought home from South Carolina, or sent in the mail from Logee's in Danielson, CT. I'm excited that I just might have a chance to visit them in person toward the end of March. I need to plan on how much money I allow myself to spend at their greenhouse.

A wee bit of green at this leaf bud.

And even more signs of growth here. In other years the figs almost always began leafing out the week after the solstice, triggered by the longer amounts of sunlight, I suppose. Hopefully everyone will be showing even more signs of growth in the next few weeks.