Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Checking On the Tropicals

On Sunday I had time to do a little check up on all of the tropical plants stored in the "Winter Garden" during the cold months. Everything is doing well, and if March continues like mild February we may move everyone out before Memorial Day.
It's only been about a month since all of the figs were moved inside, and they have all leafed out and a few have begun fruiting!

Another fig growing on last year's growth. An early spring crop of figs on old growth is called a breba crop.

All of the figs look healthy.

It's a blurry photo, but we now have two papayas growing on the tree. Hopefully we will have more!

A 'Ponderosa' lemon bloom. All of the citrus is blooming and they smell so sweet.

More new growth on the figs with a lot of last year's leaves in the pot. I can't wait to get all of the tropical plants back outside for the summer. I think this year I might be able to get the banana to bloom!

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