Monday, March 6, 2017

More Spring Emerges

What a difference a week makes! I just posted pictures I took last Sunday, and yesterday there was an entirely new batch of flowers and much more growth. I managed a little cleanup, as well, since it was such a gorgeous day. I also snipped a few branches of forsythia to force at home the rest of the way. Now the bug has officially bitten and I'm ready for spring to actually arrive.

The hellebores are all growing well, and blooming just in time for their nickname, Lenten Rose, to ring true. 

All of the hellebores seem to love the "high shade" of our shade garden, and we try to add new varieties every year. Their blooms droop down, but they are worth a closer look. They are also a long lived cut flower.

A yellow crocus I found blooming out in the lawn.

While I was strolling, snips in hand, I stopped to cut out all of the old hellebore leaves from last year.

Now the new growth has plenty of room.

The tulips in the vegetable garden are getting taller and taller.

Some of the latest to bloom are just starting to push out of the soil.

More crocus blooming at the edge of the lawn near the front bed.

The vibrant blue 'scilla siberica' is beginning to bloom beneath the old tree out front.

And in the Hydrangea Border a lone white crocus pushes up through the frond of an evergreen 'Autumn' fern.

Also in the Hydrangea Border are lots of daffodils already budding out!

As are the Hydrangea themselves. Now this makes me a little nervous as we lost all of the hydrangeas but three in a frost years ago. It is definitely getting cold this week, so I am hoping for the best. This weather just tricks so many plants!

Peonies are pushing up!

And more daffodils are very close to blooming

The appearance of the miniature iris, or iris reticulata, are always a welcome sight. I can't wait to see what's blooming next!

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