Monday, April 17, 2017

A Bumper Crop of Tulips

Last October I decided to fill the vegetable beds with rows of tulips I would be able to "harvest" in the spring. They are finally beginning to put on their show, and look glorious. The best part is that I've planted mesclun and radish and kale, and soon beets and carrots, between the rows of tulips. These vegetables will all grow and mature as the tulips fade.

There are many more to come, but take a look at what is blooming now!

This is after I already snipped about three dozen over a few days.

You can see how there's space between the rows for seeds to be planted.

I planted early, mid, and late blooming tulips. Here are all three in various stages of bloom. You can also see some radishes popping up between them.

There are going to be tulips for weeks! Over here we will plant some nursery plants that will be taller, like eggplant or peppers.

I can't wait to see what these look like!

A few rows are full of Darwin hybrids which usually perform well season after season and are truer "perennial" tulips.

I love how the petals flare out on these orange tulips.

Short and lovely. A tulip's stem continues to grow even after it is cut. Cut tulips will also always follow the sun.

I am very excited to see what these parrot tulips end up looking like. Here there are radish on the left and mesclun on the right.

Creamy white with yellow stipes.

More Darwin hybrids.
Out in the larger bed I planted a mixed row that included several peony-like tulips.

A bright goldenrod color.

A softer, truer yellow.

Of course I had to gather another bunch. Now I need to get serious about weeding...

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