Saturday, July 29, 2017

This Year's Lilies

We really did have an amazing season for lilies this summer. Beginning with the Asiatic lilies, then moving on to the first, fragrant, trumpet lilies, all of the bulbs I planted last year grew marvelously. I can't wait to keep adding to the collection this fall as soon as the new bulbs start appearing.

Take a look at some of the lilies we grew this year.

Most of the lilies are all planted in two locations, aside from a very few we have begun planting out in the perennial beds. Here are the large clump near the patio. Early in the season a large group of pink Asiatic lilies bloom, followed by trumpet and tiger lilies, and ending with fragrant Oriental and Orienpet (Oriental and Trumpet hybrids) lilies.

The second, and new location is out in the Kitchen Garden. My thought was to plant some flowers that would attract pollinators. I layered the lilies with Dutch iris and several kinds of allium and have had steady blooms all summer. Sunflowers were planted as well to continue the display.

An extremely fragrant, double Oriental lily. I planted these late in the spring and they all grew well.

A close up of a fading 'Purple Prince' orienpet lily.

Fragrant, creamy yellow lilies.

A delicate yellow tiger lily.

And a gorgeous, peach throated lily. Remember that the pollen can stain, so you want to use a paper towel or tissue and pull off the anthers to protect your clothing or upholstery.

A better look at the 'Purple Prince' growing so tall and strong for it's first year.

Another shot of one of the stalks of the double pink Oriental lily.

An unidentified orienpet up near the patio.

When the 'White Stargazer' lilies began blooming in the Kitchen Garden you could smell them as you walked around from the front of the house. Absolutely amazing, and a major draw for bees! The sweet peas have been helping draw in pollinators as well.

Delicate pink edges.

A rather crazy looking, and extremely fragrant, double Oriental.

Nothing compares to the scent of white lilies, however. 'Casablanca' was my favorite, but these 'White Stargazer' lilies were a show stopper. 

And here, almost last to bloom, is a true 'Stargazer' lily.

And towering above the mint plants are some older  'Scheherazade' orienpet lilies. The first orienpets I ever planted.

Best of all, there were so many lilies this year I could have arrangements all over the house and no one would ever notice them missing from the Garden.

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