Thursday, January 12, 2017

Surprise in the Winter Garden

On Thanksgiving I went into the "Winter Garden" where most of the tropical plants are stored for the winter (actually the smallest bedroom at my mom and dad's house that happens to have a giant south facing window) and noticed that after almost a year and a half the papaya tree was blooming. I instantly read up on papaya reproduction and was quickly discouraged that I might have a male or female tree rather than a self pollinating tree. I took a cotton swab and sort of exchanged pollen between the flowers (I'm not sure if this really made any difference) and low and behold a month later there was definitely something growing!

Now if only my citrus would follow this growth spurt!

The creamy white flowers on the papaya tree. It always surprises me when plants start to grow better inside rather than during their time outside in the summer.

About a month later and there is clear growth, I think we are well on the way to having at least one papaya to harvest in several more months. Maybe a few more will appear by then!