Saturday, January 21, 2017

One Project I've Been Putting Off

Now that we are coming up on a year on South Calhoun I'm getting around to finishing some things I've been putting off. Aside from still sorting through the few boxes that are stashed discreetly under my bed, I have been putting off painting all of the doors that face the hallway. Initially I was worried about painting any of them, but after Contractor swiped a roller over the laundry door I realized I should go with my gut and paint them all. White trim be gone!

I accomplished the door to the bathroom on Wednesday night. Hopefully this weekend I can finish the front and bedroom doors. And then, just maybe, my closet...

All of the baseboards and window trim in the apartment had been painted the first go round. We should have just continued. The white trim on the bathroom door has just begun to be painted.

The pantry door looks so great (after a few touch ups). Here you can clearly see how the white trim stands out against the Bedford Gray walls.

One down, two to go!