Friday, March 3, 2017

Spring is Springing

Everyone is talking about the Early Spring we are experiencing, and though I am ready to get back out in the garden, I do worry about what this means for the planet. Some meteorologists are predicting the famous cherry blossoms in D.C. will bloom two and a half weeks earlier than normal, and trees all over the South are leafing out about 20 days earlier than normal. I think this all is cause for concern. I love growing my tropical plants, but I would prefer to keep growing them indoors in the winter.

A few days ago I took a stroll around the garden. Everything is, indeed, up earlier than usual. I need to look back and see just how much earlier. Enjoy a few pictures!

Some of the primroses are already in bloom.

 Out in the vegetable garden the parsley and chives are greening up.

And in all of the vegetable beds the hundreds of tulips I planted last fall are pushing up out of the ground.

I planted early, mid, and late season tulips so we will have a continual show while vegetables planted from seed grow up in between the rows of flowers.

I really am so excited about this.

An old, wee little hyacinth pushing up.

The forsythia is ready to burst.

I love bringing home some branches of the bright yellow forsythia.

I have a lot of pruning to do in the Berry Patch, and the gooseberries are already leafing out.

More daffodils and surprise lilies in the neglected southwest quadrant of the perennial garden.

And proving spring really is a bit early, I picked some daffodils to bring home. The first of the year!