Monday, April 3, 2017

My Visit to Logee's

I'm still recovering from vacation and sorting pictures, but I wanted to get a post up about one of our many "detours" on the trip out East. I've been wanting to visit Logee's ever since I first found their catalog. I've been buying my tropical plants and begonias from them for quite a few years now, and have always been impressed with the health of the carefully shipped plants, as well as the interesting and unusual selection they offer.

Well last Wednesday I had my chance. It might have been a bit out of the way (but really, in New England everything is like an hour apart, right?), but Contractor and I stopped in Danielson, Connecticut and I got to actually shop Logee's in person, rather than online. Here are a few blurry IPhone pictures of the visit.

Logee's Greenhouses was founded by William D. Logee in 1892 as a cut flower business.

Carry along maps make it easy to see where you are going during your visit.

There are several plants and trees planted right into the ground. Here in the Big House is one of several citrus trees planted right into the ground.

Looking through the light toward one of the center aisles. I brought home one of those little 'Day' avocado trees like the one sitting on the lattice table.

I believe this is the 150 year old orange tree that has more than ten different grafts.

A bright, fiery orange clivia blooming nonchalantly under a table. I have a very small one of these from Logee's.

It really is a wonderland of paths and plants. Like a botanical garden where you can shop as you go.

A large camellia nearing the end of it's bloom period. Growing camellias is going to be my next challenge.

The Long House is where I found so many different begonia's.

Contractor was worried about how much I was going to load into the car, All of the begonias are along the low shelf on the right. In the large saucers in the foreground were carnivorous pitcher plants and Venus fly traps.

Such an amazing selection of begonias. I've always loved growing begonias, but now they seem to love South Calhoun better than any other home I've had. Since they are thriving, I decided it was safe to add to the collection.

Here is a huge angel wing begonia.

A beautiful medinilla in bloom. My medinilla blooms a lighter shade of pink.

And there is the great 'Ponderosa' lemon tree planted in that very spot in 1900 after being shipped up from Philadelphia.

It produces fruit up to five pounds!

No, I obeyed the sign and didn't pick anything. This is just to give some perspective on how large the lemons are. The Logee's website says hundreds of thousands of propagations have been taken from this tree, and I have one!

Some young elephant ears. I may end up ordering a few more of these this year. I wish I had the space for 'Thai Giant'.

A very interesting staghorn fern. Contractor mentioned that it looked like a turkey.

I think this is in the Potting House? You can see some tall papaya trees in the background.

Back in the Long House, it was time to start shopping.

Tempting, but I REALLY don't need to start collecting bonsai.

Everything was packed up perfectly and look! I was given one of the Ponderosa lemons! Such a wonderful visit on a cold and gray New England morning. I can't wait to go back!